ESSKA Best Practice

Eikon and ESSKA released the first volume of ESSKA Best Practice.

"Best Practice In" is an english-language book collection which deals with surgical techniques in the field of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. The publication is actively involved in the international development of Orthopaedics and the medical advancement of surgeons.

Our objective is to supply the surgeon community, science-oriented businesses, teaching centres and medical industries with coverage of the latest surgical achievements, using the appropriate multimedia format: hard-copy illustrations, 3D visualisations, and video sequences on DVD.

Each issue will address a specific subject and will provide an overview of the current surgical techniques available to treat the given pathology by calling on the first-hand experience of various international experts.

The editorial premise focuses on improving surgical practice by reference to example, in order to allow the surgeon to better his or her clinical results for the benefit of the patient.